• Amy & David

    14 - 16 June 2024
  • Come on an adventure with us

    14 - 16 June 2024
  • Amy & David

    14 - 16 June 2024

We're getting married!

Netherbyres House, Eyemouth, Scotland

14-16 June, 2024


Our Adventure

One of the sweetest things about falling in love with someone from an entirely different continent, is getting to show them all of your favorite places and see them again through fresh eyes.

East Lothian has always held some of David’s favorite memories: Tantallon Castle, North Berwick, and of course Edinburgh and its environs. And it’s full of Amy’s favorite things about the UK: historic landmarks big and small, lovely gardens, rugged coastlines, odd meat products encased in pastry, and friendly seaside towns where you resolutely enjoy your fish and chips and ice cream, even though it’s freezing cold and pissing down with rain (ok, maybe that very last bit isn’t a favorite).

So we hope you’ll join us for a few of our favorite Scottish experiences, and celebrate the adventure of our shared life together!

The Plan




Spend a few days exploring Edinburgh and surroundings. More info on group activities coming…



Welcome dinner.
Rain or shine, the charms of the Scottish seaside will be enjoyed..



Ceremony and celebration. Festivities will start early afternoon and continue through the evening.



Rest and recover.
After a late start we’ll say goodbye and head back to Edinburgh.



Getting Here.

Netherbyres House

Eyemouth, Scotland is located about an hour outside Edinburgh on the A1, and about 15 minutes north of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

For those traveling internationally, we recommend either flying into London and taking the train to Edinburgh (or to Berwick-upon-Tweed if you’re just joining us for the weekend), or flying directly into Edinburgh. The city has an international airport with some direct flights from most major US cities. We’ll be organizing transport between Edinburgh city center and Eyemouth and recommending accommodations within walking distance of the venue, so no need to rent a car unless you want to.

We’ve planned a full itinerary because we know many of you will be traveling from quite some distance and will want to get your money’s worth out of that long international flight, but please do not feel obligated to join us for everything.

Additional Useful Information

Are very welcome! We’ll be providing on-site child care during the ceremony and reception, so your kids can participate in as much or as little of the festivities as all of you will enjoy.

Dress Code
We are encouraging you to follow a “Fantastical Garden Party” theme - the inevitable Pinterest mood board will be coming soon ...

Please just bring yourself. If you absolutely cannot help but give a gift, we’ll have a few suggestions as we get closer to the date, but we’d really prefer you just showed up and celebrated with us.

Will be encouraged! More details available as we get closer to the event.

Will you attend?


Amy & David